Holiday Presence

Holiday Presence


Monday, December 04, 2017

Erin Hirbour

  1. Moving Through the Seasons
    08 Oct, 2017
    Moving Through the Seasons
    In New England, the leaves shine brightest when they're nearing the end of their life cycle.  The demonstration of strength and flexibility is obvious as tree branches hold the weight of snow and move with gusts of wind.  The birth of new buds brings excitement, along with the knowledge that soon it will be summer and the leaves will be playfully dancing in the breeze.  We feel these shifts in our own bodies as well.  Our socializing picks up in the summer through weekend BBQ's and getaways,
  2. Lessons From the Other Side of the World
    01 Sep, 2017
    Lessons From the Other Side of the World
    I was watching  a jelly fish swim...      In an aquarium on the other side of the world...      and I finally understood how to breathe... It's the diaphragms job to open the gate of your rib cage, making space for the air to enter, holding the ribs out to the side. With the exhale the diaphragm releases, allowing the rib cage to close before opening again.  As much as I've read and watched videos, it was a challenge to visualize this muscle in a way that made sense within my body.  That
  3. Gratitude
    31 Jul, 2017
    Do we have to wait for Thanksgiving to start practicing gratitude?  Not according to Brene Brown who has done incredible research that shows how gratitude correlates with joyfulness.  She even has a Ted Talk on the topic. The first time that I heard a yoga teacher weave gratitude into class was when I took a workshop with Alison Sinatra at South Boston Yoga.  She mentioned that we have constant access to the most healing medicine in the world, water.  We are surrounded by it every single day in
  4. Avocado: Front and Center
    30 Jun, 2017
    Avocado: Front and Center
    The food that we put into our body is the fuel that keeps our engine going.  In the past year, I have realized the affect that food has on my mood, sleep and overall energy levels.  I approach food with a yoga mindset, noticing what feels good in my body and what doesn't.  It's a long process and not always an easy one.  Know what is easy?  Making this salad below.  There were a lot of requests for this simple recipe and I'm excited to pass on something that is healthy, quick and fairly simple.
  5. Planting Seeds
    31 May, 2017
    Planting Seeds
    To let it grow I need to breath, wait.  Let it come in it’s own time, knowing the seed has been planted. The seed has a lot to do.  It needs to crack open, absorb what's being offered around it and then push through all the dirt before it gets a glimpse of the sun.  We stand by watching, let it do it's thing.  We offer hope for growth and a balanced diet of love and care through water and patience. If we over-water, we’ll drown the growth and prevent it.  If we neglect it, then it will never
  6. What is Skin Brushing?
    30 Apr, 2017
    What is Skin Brushing?
    Since becoming a morning person I've had more time for some self care pre-sunrise.  I wake up, drink my warm water with lemon, do a little light cleaning and some skin brushing. Skin brushing? Why did I start brushing my skin?  I started because Kate O'Donnell suggested it in her book, "The Everyday Aurveda Cookbook, A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well" and I was curious to try it.  Have you ever brushed a dog and watched them rub up against the brush with their happy face on?  I totally
  7. Becoming a Morning Person
    31 Mar, 2017
    Becoming a Morning Person
    I've always admired those early birds, secretly wishing that I was one of them as I hit the snooze button and snuggled into my warm covers on cold mornings.  Waking up early has always taken some effort.  However, when I do wake up early I feel motivated, energized and often get more done during the day than I do when I let myself sleep in.  One of the strategies that I use to wake up is to schedule something important early in the morning, to hold myself accountable.  On Fridays, I wake up at
  8. Feel the "Beet"
    28 Feb, 2017
    Feel the "Beet"
    There are times when I walk into the grocery store and pick up a challenge food to try.  This week it was a coconut.  After using a hammer, screw driver, vegetable peeler, and blender, I have not yet mastered creating anything successful from the coconut.  However,  I have seen a lot of success this month with beets.      I used to buy beets in the store already prepped because they are a challenge to cook.  They intimidated me because they tend to stain and the red juice gets everywhere.
  9. Why I Marched
    30 Jan, 2017
    Why I Marched
    Why did I march for the Women’s March in Boston? I’ve been asking myself this question over and over and it comes down to this: I marched for myself. I wasn’t marching against a person, a president or a group of people.  My march was completely and utterly selfish.   I marched for the freedom of my family: I feared for the first decade of my life that if people found out about my mother’s sexuality they might kill her, call her names, hurt her feelings or her body.  I didn’t only fear
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