1. Holiday Presence
    04 Dec, 2017
    Holiday Presence
    My website is changing!  My name is changing! According to Mercury Retrograde, everything is changing ;).  During the holiday season, I'm focusing on staying present; looking up and keeping my feet on the ground.  The three part breath below helps to slow down my giddy excitement and keeps me balanced on sluggish days. This will be my last wellness blog on www.erinhirbouryoga.com; I will announce my new website on February 1st and until then will maintain my schedule per usual on this site. As
  2. Feel the "Beet"
    28 Feb, 2017
    Feel the "Beet"
    There are times when I walk into the grocery store and pick up a challenge food to try.  This week it was a coconut.  After using a hammer, screw driver, vegetable peeler, and blender, I have not yet mastered creating anything successful from the coconut.  However,  I have seen a lot of success this month with beets.      I used to buy beets in the store already prepped because they are a challenge to cook.  They intimidated me because they tend to stain and the red juice gets everywhere.
  3. What is Yoga for Runners?
    21 Oct, 2016
    What is Yoga for Runners?
    Yoga for Runners is a class planned with runners in mind, but it is not exclusive to runners.  Former runners, beginners, and walking commuters can also benefit from the class.  The class is planned around injury prevention by stretching and strengthening the body in ways that support bipedal movement.  Since we all walk from place to place, everyone can benefit. This week, I was excited to be featured in an article in active.com. Check out Amanda Casanova's article here.  Here are the five
  4. Raw Humanity
    23 Sep, 2016
    Raw Humanity
    Three years ago, I may not have met Dennis.  Throughout my mid-twenties until the age of 29, I hyper-focused on finding the love of my life.  Like most things, I put in a full effort; reading books and trying to perfect myself in order to find what I was seeking.  I started a research project, based on the "seven degrees of separation".  If I met one person a day, for 365 days, I would surely meet someone who would connect me to the love of my life.  The project was simple but its rewards were
  5. Hip Talk
    15 Sep, 2016
    Hip Talk
    Students often come to class asking to stretch out their hips.  A seemingly simple request with a somewhat complex answer.  In general, I interpret their request as a desire to stretch out the muscles that surround the hip joint; the gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, psoas and periformus are only a few of the muscles in and around the hip joint.   However, the body can be a trickster, the muscles that are sore may not be the muscles that need stretching.  For example, runners who have exerted
  6. Simple, Healthy, Delicious!
    03 Aug, 2016
    Simple, Healthy, Delicious!
    This is a quick and simple dish for a light dinner, side dish or healthy snack.   Ingredients: Broccoli Walnuts Olive Oil, Ghee or Coconut Oil Directions: Place the oil of your choice in the pan (about 2 Tbsp.) Crunch up a handful of walnuts (about a cup) Wait 2 minutes and stir Add the broccoli and cook to your liking That's it! I usually cook for about 15 minutes and sometimes add an egg for extra protein.  Enjoy.